Published on: February 27, 2014

MARCH 2014

Arab Patrol

 Captain:  Doug Bachman      314-406-9729

Pres:       Rich Rammelsburg  314-842-5503

Sec:        Ken Elam                   314-471-9883

 By: Gary Oakley

 Let’s start with “Thank you”.  Thank you, Thank you, to everyone for all you did to make the Circus the annual success it is.  Thank you for your participation in Grand Entries.  Thank you for all the tickets sold.  Thank you for getting friends and families to join in the fun.  An awesome job, as always.  Let’s make next year even better.

 President Rich and officers…Your Presentation was GREAT!!  A good time was had by all.

 There are several events that need to be on your calendar:

 4-4    Black Light Drill…Let’s make this one of our best ever for our own Gale Bennington and his outgoing team of CSSA officers.  Gale and all…We are so proud of you.  Thanks for the honor of allowing us to show off our skills for you.

 4-17    Spring Ceremonial…There is still time to get your Candidates ready to be a part of this one.

 5-30  Belleville Parade…We don’t have all the information yet.  So keep checking your Patrol Notes and next month’s CAMELS’ TALES.  If you have been a part of this before, bet the details will be similar to years past.  I know.  If you are like “Fast” Eddie, can’t recollect what you did two minutes ago let alone last year.  Now you know why it’s important to keep checking RELIABLE sources.  Right, Eddie?  Yeah, baby!!