We've Come Long Way!

Treating children with disability has progressed exponentially since Shriners Hospitals for Children was founded.

Wheelchair before It used to be wheelchairs where one size fits all. The patient had to fit the chair. It is no longer that way. Wheelchairs are built to fit the patient and the patients' special needs. Wheelchair after
 Limb before At one time treatment areas were big and spooky to kids like this x-ray machine. But now with artwork on the walls and smaller machines the taking of x-rays is not quiet the experience it once was for the children. Prosthetic 
 Another Limb before In the old days braces and artificial limbs were all designed to individual specifications for each child. With the tools we had it was a daunting task and they were heavy and cumbersome.  Limb 4
 Another X-Ray after Today we still make the prosthesis to individual specifications but now they are much lighter, much more maneuverable and much more individualized. We can now use colors, make ones for sports, and meet many other specific needs.  Family before
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