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 'Magic of Alaska'

 Alaska 2014


Dear Nobles,

As we get closer to embarking on our Alaska Adventure we still have a few staterooms available within our group allocation but they are time sensitive. Once they are gone, everything then becomes subject to cruise line availability.

If you are thinking of joining the tour I urge you to call ABS Travel Group as soon as possible to secure your stateroom.

1-888-788-6777 – Jackie / Gemma or Stuart

Magic of Alaska Itinerary:

Denali National Park pre-cruise add on: http://www.abstravelgroup.com/images/trips/alaska/2014denaliaddon.pdf

Pricing and What’s Included: http://www.abstravelgroup.com/images/trips/alaska/pricingandwhatsincluded.pdf

Booking Form:

Looking forward to meeting you all.

Yours in the Faith,






Dale W. Stauss
Deputy Imperial Potentate
Shriners International

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